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Charging by the hour is doing your clients (and yourself) a disservice. 


If you're ready to start pricing like industry leading Designers, join us inside the Perfect Pricing Model program!


This comprehensive training program will teach you everything you need to know to price your services, effectively present proposals to potential clients, and what you need in your Design contracts so you'll never get taken advantage of (and so much more)!


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In the Perfect Pricing Model Program, you'll learn:


Why charging hourly has been holding you back, and what to do instead

Discover why it's so important to avoid getting stuck charging hourly for your services, and how charging hourly limits the amount of money you can make in your Interior Design Business.


How to transition from Hourly to Flat/Fixed Fee

Understanding why you should charge a Flat fee is important, but HOW do you transition from hourly to Flat Fee?  In this program, I don't just teach you the strategies that I use in my Design firm.  I also teach you exactly HOW to implement these strategies into your own design business.

🎁 You'll also receive access to my powerful Design + Thrive Flat Fee Calculator, which will do the heavy lifting for you!  Not sure what to charge?  Consult the calculator!  Find out how much you need to charge to cover your time, protect yourself, and charge for your talent value. 


The strategies I use that lock in clients every time

What you charge is important, but how you present your Design Services is just as important to your success. You'll learn the strategies I use that lock down clients nearly every time, and what you may be doing that's been costing you potential clients.


Contract terms you MUST HAVE to avoid being taken advantage of 

It's no secret that with new strategies come new challenges.  So how do you protect yourself?  You'll learn everything you need to have in your Contract to make sure you never get taken advantage of!


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What you'll know after enrolling in the Perfect Pricing Model Program:

  • How you can create an indestructible design business that's primed for profitability and growth. 
  • How (and how much) to charge for your time and your unique talent value.
  • The strategies I use when presenting my Design Services that lock in clients every time!
  • You'll find the motivation and confidence necessary to grow (or start) your design business, and become a successful designer full of excitement for what's to come! No more analysis paralysis over how to price your services!
  • You'll have a plan for how you can move forward with not only creating a successful design business, but a more balanced and productive life as well. 
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Everything you need to conquer your pricing. 

Don’t let your hang ups about clients, charging, or how to scale (or start) your business keep you from the opportunities that are RIGHT in front of you.

My interior design business has allowed me to work with the coolest people, making beautiful things- all while being paid very well for my time and talent. Now it’s your turn!!

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About the Perfect Pricing Model Program host.

Hey designer! I’m Keri Petersen, and I’m so glad to meet you!

I’m the owner of Seattle-based Interior Design firm KP Spaces, & creator of Design and Thrive. Design + Thrive is my unique coaching program for interior designers that offers a foolproof framework for creating a successful design business primed for profitability! If I’ve learned one thing in my 15 years of being an interior designer, it’s that there are better ways to achieve your financial & personal biz goals than by guessing your way through everything.  Seeking out the support of those more seasoned is one of the absolute greatest things you can do not only for your design business, but yourself.  

I’m so excited you’re preparing to take the first step towards creating the Design business of your dreams by joining my powerful pricing program!


So what are we waiting for?  Click below to get started, and let's get busy on crafting your specialized services at feel-good premium prices!

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